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Rebecoming Androgynous

As those of you who have been following this blog know, I have been feeling ambivalent in recent months about looking, almost two years into my physical transition, more dudely than androgynous, and about not becoming the effeminate fag I … Continue reading

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Transition Stock-Taking

After reading and commenting on SCB’s recent post, I thought it was time for an update. I haven’t been writing that much, because I’m pretty satisfied with things, and decisions about whether to stay on T and if so at … Continue reading

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I Might Go Off T

Something strange is happening. I’ve been so happy with my transition, my body, my appearance, how I move through the social world. In fact, I have not really been thinking much about my transition much at all lately. And then, … Continue reading

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Becoming More Butch (in a Gay Sense)

So when I first started to imagine taking testosterone to physically transition, I imagined that I would become a smooth, hairless, lean effeminate fag. This was how I came across before T (to those who knew how to read me … Continue reading

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A Note on Disclosure

This post began as a response to a comment from Genderkid. I decided that the issue of disclosure for trans people deserves it’s own post. Disclosure is usually considered narrowly in terms of trans status – do I disclose my … Continue reading

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On Queer Shame as Constructing Gender and Fracturing the Past

The post that follows is a rigorously honest effort to understand how both my feelings about my gender (shame, pride, elation, comfort) and my gender identification have changed over time, before and after starting transition. In this post, I write … Continue reading

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On Testosterone and Mental/Emotional Changes

I just read an interview with Chaz Bono in which he states that he has a lower tolerance for women after beginning hormone therapy. Why? Because they talk too much. “There is something in testosterone that makes talking and gossiping … Continue reading

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