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I Might Go Off T

Something strange is happening. I’ve been so happy with my transition, my body, my appearance, how I move through the social world. In fact, I have not really been thinking much about my transition much at all lately. And then, … Continue reading

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Becoming More Butch (in a Gay Sense)

So when I first started to imagine taking testosterone to physically transition, I imagined that I would become a smooth, hairless, lean effeminate fag. This was how I came across before T (to those who knew how to read me … Continue reading

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Considering Top Surgery (Soliciting Advice)

Now that it’s summer and I’m nearly a year into my physical transition, I’m starting to think about whether or not I want to get top surgery. Let’s be clear here: for me, top surgery would be an elective rather … Continue reading

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Gender Trickster

When I first decided to use male pronouns, it was because I needed people to recognize that I am primarily a fag, not a lesbian. When I first started taking T, it was because I couldn’t stand that people kept … Continue reading

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Feminist FTM Professor – Semester 2

I’ve been on T for about five months now, and am regularly read as male in most spaces. I guess, though, that I still have trouble believing this is actually the case. I just entered into my second semester of … Continue reading

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I Am a Bad Feminist

I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, I found it an outrage that women and girls should be thought less intelligent, capable, and worthy of independence than men and boys. Specifically, … Continue reading

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“Home” for the Holidays

I just got back from ten days spent celebrating the holidays in the town I most recently left (not the town where I grew up). I chose to spend Christmas there because that’s where the folks I consider family would … Continue reading

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