Periareolar or Keyhole Top Surgery Sensation Survey

This survey is only for people who got the periareolar or keyhole top surgery procedures.  See the separate poll below for those who got the double-mastectomy procedure. Folks who got top surgery years ago are especially encouraged to respond. If you got surgery a week ago, you are encouraged to wait and respond later. Please answer all poll questions.

If you had been able to know your post-op results pre-op, would you have done anything differently? (Answer by leaving a comment below).

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One Response to Periareolar or Keyhole Top Surgery Sensation Survey

  1. genderkid says:

    I lost sensation, but I would have chosen the same procedure even if I had known beforehand. I just didn’t feel comfortable with breasts and my social life has improved dramatically since coming out of surgery (I used to feel really self-conscious and insecure; gladly, though, I know that isn’t the case for everyone!)

    One curious thing: I don’t really feel light touch, but I do retain erotic sensation. My partners probably have to touch harder than they would’ve before, but I don’t have to ask them to press harder or anything (maybe because they’re gay and they’re used to less-sensitive chests).

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