Questions for those Considering Hormonal Transition

To help me decide whether or not I wanted to hormonally transition, I compiled the following list of questions.  I thought others might find this list helpful too.  Feel free to post your answers in the comments section or to propose new questions I didn’t think of.

1. Who is the authentic you?

2. Who do you want to become?

3. How do you want to be perceived and treated socially by straight people, gay men, lesbians, queers, and other trans people?

4. What do you want your body to look like?

5. What kinds of people do you want to be attracted to you?

6. Are you prepared to say goodbye to every aspect of being seen as female? (Female fellowship, male chivalry, queer recognition should you be read as straight)

7. Are you prepared for every aspect of being seen as male? (Misogynistic dude/bro bonding, male competition, women being afraid of you on a dark street, especially if you are a man of color, your presence, body language, and speech potentially feeling threatening to women…).

8. Are you willing and financially able to undergo a hysterectomy if it becomes medically necessary?

9. Are there any particular T-induced physical changes that you do not want? If so, are you willing to experience these undesirable changes for the sake of getting the desirable changes that T would bring?

10. Are you prepared to go through a period of one to two years of strangers, acquaintances, and coworkers staring at you and asking you “what” you are, of friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family members scrutinizing your body, commenting on its changes, and asking invasive questions about your medical interventions and personal history?

11. Do you think that taking T will make you happy?

12. How do you envision yourself 10 years from now? 20? 30? As an elderly person?

13. As someone on a trans discussion site asked me, “Will you be compromising your values of who you are to start T, or will being on T enhance your values of who you are?

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