Red Tremmel on “Being a Mystery”

I ran across this video interview today.

I’ve been thinking lately that it’s more useful to ask “How?” than “Why?”  To move away from the effort to construct a legible narrative about being transgender whose purpose is to justify how you feel right now or to legitimate wanting to change your pronoun or your body. To move away from using identification or disidentification with certain identity categories to prove one’s transness: “I am not X. I was never Y. I have always been Z. This is why I’m trans”. In the end, isn’t transition just about taking on the signs of gender (clothing, hair, gestures), the linguistic signs (name and pronoun), and the embodied signs (weight training, hormones, body modifications) that make one feel most comfortable, both in oneself and in one’s relation to others? Perhaps it should be about accepting what one wants and proactively finding the best way to make that happen without getting stuck on identity categories and narratives. About making whatever changes one desires while being comfortable with the “pure mystery” of what one “is” and how one became that.

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